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QuickBooks Error 5502

Like other software available in market, QuickBooks also have certain bugs and error which are resolved with stable updates. But few of them are still untouched and rolls out again with updated software. One of them is QuickBooks Error 5502. To get solution for error 5502, call us on our QuickBooks error support number +1 855-907-0605.

QuickBooks Error 5502 comes under the category of “Sync Type” error. This error generally occurs when QuickBooks sync remains unattended. You will receive message on dialogue box stating that “QuickBooks data has been uploaded successful, but failed to connect server”. This error can occur due to the causes like:

  • When the sync manager is not updated.
  • If the system detects a virus or malware.
  • If a third-party application or any online service is connected to the QB software

To solve error 5502, you can use:

Method 1:

  • Find folder with all your company files
  • Go to relative .nd file
  • Rename your file and add .old as its extension after the file name
  • Scan your QuickBooks database. If your file is displayed there, error 5502 is solved. Otherwise, apply method 2


Method 2:

In this method, you have to copy company in a new folder

  • Open new folder and paste all company’s data file inside that folder
  • Rename file and change file extension from .qbm to .QBB
  • Restore your company’s backup
  • If the file is still not opening, please change its extension again

If still face QuickBooks Error 5502, call us on our toll-free number +1 855-907-0605.

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